Technology is reaching new heights day by day. We can see so many new gadgets and tools that look completely strange but are extremely powerful and useful. These gadgets are so powerful that they can run our entire day without any hassles. One has to really have a niche in order to understand the functioning of such objects. These gizmos do not come easy when you buy them. They can be a little expensive, but their functions will overpower all costs and expenses. Since the launch of mobile phones humans have seen a massive advancement. These days we get mobiles phones which have touch feature, advanced cameras, high-speed internet etc.

But when the question of what is a Smartphone arises, we do not really have much idea. A Smartphone is basically an ordinary looking mobile phone with some unmatchable features. From its camera to its applications, almost everything will be advanced. It has a special intelligence that will allow the user to do things in an automated manner. One has to learn to differentiate between a Smartphone and a cell phone. These two devices are completely different from one another. There are a lot of features which make what is a Smartphone completely unique.

To begin with, we can have a look at the keypad. The keypad of an ordinary cell phone would be a generalized one. It will have normal keys with digits and letters together. But in a Smartphone you will see a QWERTY keypad. The keypad will depict the keypad of a computer keyboard. Another answer to the question what is a Smartphone is the phone’s operating system. Operating systems like Apple iOS, android, webOS etc are all the components of a Smartphone. With the presence of any one of these types of operating systems we can call a phone a Smartphone.

Another feature of these kinds of phones is the web access. Pay attention to what web access system the phone possesses. If it has a 2nd generation or 2G web, it comes under the normal phone category. But anything beyond 2G makes the phone a Smartphone. These days we can even see 4.5G phones. This internet is extremely fast and it gives no problems while browsing. Even the messaging feature of a Smartphone will be different. Unlike a normal phone you will not be able to just send SMS’s. Along with sending a SMS one can also send emails and pictures. Such features will only be seen in a Smartphone.